A Deliverance Ministry That Just So Happens To Offer Dope Apparel. 

I originally got the idea back in 2007 during a time when there was no such thing as Christian Streetwear or a Kingdom Lifestyle Brand.

There were plenty of Hip-Hop apparel brands, but none that represented my new Lifestyle as a Christian who wanted to distance myself from the mainstream. 

Covenant Army was birthed and I infused my Classic & Clean take on Streetwear mixed with a few other personal idealogies found throughout our offerings. 

CA is a Ministry 1st and Clothing Brand 2nd. I see the Brand as more of a soundtrack to our Purpose of planting or watering a seed that might already be there so that God can ultimately get the increase. 

We are His Army building His Kingdom here on earth so that we all might experience and take part in His Glory.